Stump Removal Services In Boca Raton FL

You have most likely discovered our site because you are looking to have a stump removed from your property. At All Boca Tree Service, we have the skills and the equipment on-hand to provide stump removal in Boca Raton.

Did you know that many companies will not remove a stump when you hire them for tree removal? These are, in fact, two separate services. Rarely is stump removal considered in the price of tree removal and removing a stump or grinding it down comes at an extra cost.

Additional equipment is needed to completely remove a stump. For instance, a machine like a stump grinder is used frequently and not all tree service companies have access to that equipment. We do though so, for stump removal services, you can rely on us. We have been offering stump removal services since our company was established and our owner, along with his crew, have the years of experience to safely and successfully remove almost any stump.

Most, but not all, stumps can be removed. There are rare cases in which a massive stump simply is not able to be removed appropriately from your yard so other options may be necessary.

Are There Reasons For Not Removing A Stump?

There are many reasons why someone would decide not to remove the stump of a tree that was cut down. The major reason is often the cost. At All Boca Tree Services though we believe stump removal should be an affordable option. If you are going to spend the money removing a tree then most likely you will not want an unsightly stump remaining in the yard.

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Stumps will rot away over time which is a reason folks may neglect spending the money to remove it. However, this process could take anywhere from a few years to decades depending on such factors as the type of wood, the size of the stump and if chemicals are being used.

Another reason someone may choose to leave the stump is for decorative purposes. Some people like the idea of using a stump to enhance the beauty of their yard.

Stump Grinding In Boca Raton Florida

A great alternative to removing the stump in its entirety is to have it grinded down. Stump grinding is the process of using a special grinding machine to chop up the stump. The stump gets grinded down until it is below ground level and then the area is filled in with dirt, top soil and grass seed. This makes it look like the stump has been removed. The stump and roots that remain underground will naturally rot away over time.

If you choose All Boca Tree Service for stump removal in Boca Raton, we will come out to your property and provide you with a complete estimate so you know how long the process will take and the final cost upon completion. We believe in dealing honestly with the public so you will not find us adding any last minute fees or service charges to the estimate.

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